Gwen Heeney my friend and mentor has passed away....

The art world greatest great brick artist has left us. When i think of you Gwen I hear you say two things "Brilliant' and "get away"! In the years i have know you, you have enriched my life in many ways. Even when you was sick we would laugh at how healthy and happy you looked; never believing this day would come. In the past I explained the impact you have had on my life. You are my guiding light when I flounder in the dark and all else failed me. You helped me to believe in myself again as an artist and that my role as an artist was important. You took the time to talk with me and mentor me when others did not. You became and are my role model. Today I am in North China teaching and making ceramic work because of you; with every piece of clay i hold in my hands you are there with me, encouraging, questioning and offing a critic. I promised you I would not let you down and I will not; I will hold my light up to the world and shine. I will shine for you. You showed me a way to manage and achieve in the world. We have been great friends. I love you, you will always be in my heart and my hands. My heart has broken and I am so sad...

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