The final sculpture from the Rebecca Riot series...

In all of history, 99.9 percent of women have been subjugated, disenfranchised and sexually objectified because men fancy women! Women make up 50 percent of the global population!

Within many countries, including the UK, men have not or been allowed to evolved. Throughout history mens desire for women has given rise to unspeakable barbarity. Men have been the dominant force without rule or checks on their behaviour, including sexual tyranny.

Within living memory in this country and the world, men could rape their wives: women were not seen as a separate sexual entirety, with the right to refuse. Women today can refuse, but if a man forces himself onto a women where rape is a crime, there is an unwillingness to actually prosecute these countries include: some states in USA, Australia, Russia, India, UK, Europe, Japan, Poland and China.

Germany only criminalised the practice in 1997; Haiti, in 2006. It is still legal to rape a woman in: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East, states within India, Kenya and other African states, not forgetting the Bahamas!

This is the final piece form the Rebecca Riot series. It is a silent protest, as a women to watch the gross behaviour men constantly show towards women around the world. For example, women are used as a tool within war. Today, Syrian women, children and the old generations are left behind in camps and war torn areas of the country, whilst there men leave them behind apparently to seek a brighter future for them all. The world watch these women and children, left behind by husbands and brothers, are subjugated, disenfranchised and sexually objectified, raped and or trafficked.

There are large parts of the world where women are - with either explicit or non-explicit sanction of the state - deemed little more than souped-up sex toys for men. Women have little to no say in this world.

Title: Silenced

Media: Black grogged scarva clay, porcelain slip, underglaze and copper wire fired to 1260 degrees mounted on mild steel and damson wood.

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