New series of work: Pembrokeshire Promise.

The new series of work is based on a trip around the south of wales. During the summer of 2015 I spend four months travelling and researching various artists in Pembrokeshire. Within this time I created a small body of work travelling and researching various artists. The work included: mono-prints, sketches, ceramics and textiles pieces in response to my experience of the Pembrokeshire landscape and people. The title of the work is 'Pembrokeshire Promise'.

Why the title Pembrokeshire Promise? During my time in Pembrokeshire I would say, "I will stay another few days then I will move on to the south of england, but that day did not come!" The local people said this was a 'Pembrokeshire Promise' or in Spanish 'mañana!' The saying comes from the locals and farmers in Wales who would promise to deliver an item or some goods the same day, but in reality it would be delivered six weeks or more later! Hence, Pembrokeshire promise!

The sculptures are based on the Rebecca Riots in Wales.The Rebecca Riots were a series of protests against conditions in the rural areas of Wales between 1839 and 1843. They are usually seen as attacks on toll gates on the roads of Wales. But many 'Rebecca' incidents - almost half - were about general economic conditions in the countryside. This situation reminds me of the misserable situation farmers and cottage gardeners find themselves in today. Poor payments due to goverment and capitalist constraints. Thus, we are loosing farms to building developments, animals are poorly treated because the farmer can not afford to look after them correctly; the captalist retailers will not pay correct prices for food and milk.

These sculptures are reflections how I live in an unjust and beautiful world.

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