Drying out ready for a bisque firing. 'Good Mother' from the Pembrokeshire Promise Series.

Brick Clay deer head. She was a white deer approx 6/8 years old. Ever year she would have a baby and it would be a different colour to her. She would have her babies within the christmas trees grown on the land at the farm. Two years ago she had a female that was black, last year a white male. She was a wonderful mother to all her babies. Lifting head to look at us as she grazed near her baby amoung the christmas trees, she look magnificent. This year Unclly farm has a new manager, a London boy with big ideas. He had her shot this spring; whilst she was carrying this years baby! This is because the new farm manager hate all the deer within the Wyre Forest because they are not ingigenous to the UK! Very sad we have more ignorant new blood in our local area.

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