When all the water is turned off....

The hall of resident security, which sleeps in the entrance office, knocked my door early hours of the morning. Today the water in the halls of resident has been turned off; there is no water for the toilet, shower or taps. There is no notice as to when it will be turned back on again. She walked into the kitchen and took the entire reserve gallon water under the sink...that’s the way things are done here! I knew i should have had a shower last night!

I am very glad last night I boiled water and filled a water caddy ready for drinking. Here we do not drink the tap water. It is also important you have boiled water ready to clean you teeth with, do not use the tap water. when you have a shower keep you mouth closed.

So, to the shops I go to buy a gallon of reserve water, a bucket and a jug...if in doubt act like an Indian and have a bucket shower....!

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