Curriculum Vitae

I am an exceptionally driven individual and artist. I create two and three dimensional art. The work reflects upon everyday life, whilst exploring contemporary concerns that encompass interpersonal relationships, which reflects on philosophical and emotional engagement. Blending elements of figuration and abstraction. 

As a teacher I striving for continual progression through clear goals and outcomes.  My personal characteristics include an intense drive fuelled by a concentrated mind and talent. I  have the ability to quickly adapting to new working environments, concepts, and systems. Furthermore, I ensuring goals, targets, and deadlines are met. I am comfortable working alone and as a member of a team. Finally, i am comfortable addressing concerns in a positive, structured and timely manner.




Form: Group show, Stourbridge School of Art - 1988

Function: Group show, Stourbridge School of Art - 1998

Field: Group show, Stourbridge School of Art - 1999

It’s Fashion Darling: Group show, Bournemouth School, Bournemouth – 1993

Open Studio: Group show, Bewdley - 2008

Loss: Solo show, Worcester House, Worcester – 2008

Loss: Solo show, Custard Factory, Birmingham – 2008

Young at Art: Group show, Stourport-on-severn - 2008

Tree: Solos show, Besant Gallery, Wolverhampton – 2009

Open Studio: Group and solo show, Bewdley - 2009

Who said that? Group show, Kathmandu Art Gallery, Kathmandu Nepal – 2009

Boundless: Solo show, Sikkim Book Gallery, Sikkim India – 2009

Spill: Solo show, Besant Gallery, Wolverhampton – 2009

Open Studio, Group show, Bewdley - 2009

Travelling Artist: Solo show, Besant Gallery, Wolverhampton – 2009

Portrait of a Journey: Solo show, Besant Gallery, Wolverhampton – 2009

Portrait: Solo show, Besant Gallery, Wolverhampton – 2009

Loosing Protest: Solo show, Besant Gallery, Wolverhampton – 2009

Interim: Group show, Eagle works, Wolverhampton – 2010

Open Studio: Group show, Bewdley - 2010

The Public: Group show, West Bromwich - 2011

BAMS: Group show, Glasgow – 2012

InterimMA: Group show, Victoria Street, Wolverhampton – 2012

BAMS: Group show, Finland - 2013

Open Studio: Group show, Bewdley – 2012

Pennant Melangell: Group show, Llangyng, Wales – 2012

Pendle Witch in Print: Group show, Lancaster – 2012

Stigma: Group show, Greece, Italy, 2013

Open Studio: Group show, Bewdley, 2013

Wedgwood: Group show, Stoke-on-Trent, 2010-1014

Open Studio: Group show, Bewdley, 2014

Itismo. A.E: Group show, Mexico, 2014

Bewdley Open Studio: Group show, Bewdley, 2015

Wolverhampton Museum and Galley, Group Show April until June, Wolverhampton, 2016

Wolverhampton Museum and Gallery, Group Show September until October, Wolverhampton, 2016

Elemental Exhibition, Group Show, October until November, Bath, 2016

Elemental Exhibition, Group Show, October until November, Bath, 2017

Jilin University China, Group Show, June 2017

Elemental Exhibition, Group Show, Bath, 2017



Bournemouth and Pool University Alumni: 1993

Worcester Alumni: 2008

Worcester University Alumni: 2008 

Loss: 2008

Kidderminster Shuttle Newspaper: 2010

Birmingham Evening Standard: 2010

Mirror in the Mirror: 2012

You Can’t Buy Wisdom at the Art Market: 2012

British Art Medal Society (BAMS): 2012 & 2013

Wedgwood Artisan: 2012 & 2013

Wolverhampton University Alumni: 2013  

Jilin Art Magazine, China: 2017 

Beijing Art Magazine, China: 2018


Bosnian War Children Charity, Art box project for healing - 1994

Homeless Charity Camden, Art project for women - 1995 to 1998

Mental Health in the community, Art project for mental health awareness - 2003 to 2004

Youth Art Worker, Art in Action community project - 2005 to 2006

Banardos Children Charity, Art project for social cohesion within the community - 2008 to 2009

Banardos Children Charity, Art project for new mothers and baby within the community - 2008 to 2009

Nepal, Art for children in the community - 2009 to 2010

HM Prison Juvenile Service, Art Inside - 2010 to 2012 

Ceramic Assistant to Gwen Heeney Brick Community Project - 2010 - 2014 

The Big Ceramic, Ceramic Assistant to Gwen Heeney, Clay in Action - 2014




Barnardos Children’s’ Centre: Mural commission - 2008

Barnardos Children’s’ Centre: Mural commission- 2009

Barnardos Children’s’ Centre: Mural commission - 2009

Independent state: Mural commission, India – 2010

Independent state: Mural commission, Nepal – 2010

Wolverhampton Master of Fine Art: 2010-2012

SPEED Business Enterprise: 2011-2012

Wedgwood Porcelain and Bronze: commission 2012

New Designers Fine Art Craftswoman: Finalist at Design Centre, London – 2012

British Medal Art Society (BAMS) Medal competition: Acknowledgement for Design Excellence, 2012

Scania Keltruck International: Sculpture Competition Winner, 2012 

Wedgwood Porcelain and Bronze Artisan:  2012-2014

AA2A Artist In Resident, Wolverhampton University: 2015 - 2016 

British Medal Art Society (BAMS): 2016

International Teacher competition, Jilin University China: 2016 

Artist in Resident, Jilin University China: 2016 - 2017 

Master on-glaze painter Yan Yen Ching, Jingdezhen Ceramic Factory - 2018




May 2020 - Current: Ruskin Mill Sunfield, Clent, England Teaching Assistant (TA) for Independent School and Residential Home for Autism and Complex needs.

My current role involves the delivery of education to young pupils with Complex Special Educational Needs (SEN). The range of learning needs I work with vary, including autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Due to the nature of SEN the pupils often have poor mental health. Most of the children are residential. The school has day pupils. 

September 2019 - May 2020: Ceramic Studio Teacher and Practitioner, England.

Teaching ceramic methods and practice to individuals of all ages. 


September 2016 - September 2019: Teacher Jilin University and Shanghai University, China 

Lecturing and Teaching various subject to university student and teachers:

  • Teaching Teacher the Methods and Pedagogy of Teaching. 

  • History of Fine Art from classical into contemporary movements.

  • Methods for Creativity and Innovation.

  • Design and Application Methods.

  • Design Language. 


April 2014 – June 2016:  Inclusive Specialist Support Service (ISSS) Teacher Assistant (TA) for Worcestershire County Council Education Department, in partnership with Wolverhampton University. 

My current role involves the delivery of education to young pupils with Complex Special Educational Needs (SEN). The range of learning needs I work with vary, including autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Due to the nature of SEN the pupils often have poor mental health. Differences in brain development of a person with complex need can bring forth a variety of problems, such as depression and anxiety. The pupils that experience these difficulties, usually express their distress as a visual signpost they are not coping in a situation, this tends to arise from their condition. This creates complications in engaging and/or demonstrating positive behaviour in college. The student needs to learn to manage and or overcome these struggles, in order to progress in their learning. I engage with the learner and we work together on their difficulties, distresses and conflicts that effect the learning environment. To assist with the teaching, learning and mentoring in Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) the young people and I agree and negotiate appropriate Individual Action Plans (ILP) and Assessment Plans (AP). These strategies are reviewed for progress and or adaption. This assists with the learners’ development and provides appropriate support to both the tutors and learners.


The aim of my role is to liaise with the staff and tutors, in order to develop and promote positive progression in teaching and learning. Most pupils with complex needs have poor self-esteem and self-worth due to past experiences in the home and or education. These issues can cause a barrier to teaching and learning. Therefore, I assist the pupils in learning and developing appropriate strategies, in order to create positive progression. Whilst, assisting in the co-ordination and delivery of high quality tailor made and relevant learning plans. The plans are further broken down into smaller understandable and achievable steps. Thus, making learning more achievable.


The objective is to guide young people into understanding the taught material and to counter act the negative effects their learning needs have on the teaching and learning process. To enable this I maintain and develop study materials and additional learning support procedures that allow the pupils to progress. The learners are taught various processes, strategies and linking skills for listening, comprehension, recall and planning. In addition, tools are given to young people to overcome their poor mental health, negative thinking and automatic responses. Thus, allowing them to positively overcome and or endure their mental health issues that are a barrier to progress. Finally, each individual is supported with their transition into their chosen path or university.


June 2014 – July 2014. Ercall Wood technical College, Staffordshire. Teacher of Product Design and Textiles


June 2013 – June 2014: Supply teacher in schools. Teaching early years to Key stage 5. Subject areas include: numeracy, literacy, design technology and art and design.


August 2012 – June 2013.  Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Masters Level: Staffordshire University. 

PGCE Design and Technology specialism in: Art and Design, Textiles, Product Design, Resistant Materials and Food. The two training schools were: Ercall Wood Technology College with WJCE exam board and The Thomas Adams School with AQA exam board. Teaching specialities includes Special Educational Needs (SEN) and behaviour management (with Sevendale Special Educational School, Staffordshire) in: behaviour modification, motivation, management and skills building for pupils with complex needs. Pedagogical investigation involved wider educational requirements. Finally, Personal Development Planning (PDP) focused on mental health, information, advice and guidance needed within and outside the school.


September 2011 – 2016.  Art and Design Teacher: Warrington Youth Offending Prison, Warrington.

Teaching young offenders’ within a secure prison. As part of the legal requirement, all young offenders aged 13 to 18 year olds are to be educated in the full curriculum. I taught Level 1 and 2 AQA foundational in art and design. The role provided initial assessments, including risk assessments for learners with complex learning needs and mental health difficulties. Whilst, maintaining and developing study materials I also engaged learners in informal therapy for progression in their Behavioural, Social and Emotional Difficulties (BESD). In turn, this provided appropriate support to the prison staff to enable the learners to progress successfully. Artwork by young offenders was regularly submitted to the Koestler Awards for exhibition. SECURE has showed work by the young offenders.


March 2011 – November 2012.  Art and Craft Teacher : Bewdley Museum, Bewdley.

The role included, teaching visitors the cultural history of the Wyre Forest Area. Workshops included techniques on local art and craft trades. Including, specialist taught one-to-one and group session in sculpture and painting. 


August 2010 – November 2012.  Art and Design Teacher, and Mentor: Wolverhampton University, Wolverhampton.

I was a pupil on a scholarship studying a Master of Arts (MA). Whilst studying, I was assigned the responsibility of delivering art workshop to schoolchildren in the local area, after which, I curated an exhibition of their work in the University. This increased the visibility of university. The sessions varied and could last from weeks to months and included, textiles, ceramics, drawing and sculpture. In addition to this responsibility, I taught students on the Bachelor of Arts (MA) and MA courses in fine art. I also, assisted them to understand the brief and the complex language used in the artistic theory. In addition, I helped pupils to learn how to research, plan to write report or dissertation, use correct referencing and citations in a piece of writing. Finally, I was accepted onto the student enterprise scheme and was given a financial bursary to start my own business.


January 2009 – August 2010: Art and Design Teacher overseas

July 2006 – January 2009.  Art Teacher and IAG advisor: Mhhayat Foyer, Malvern

To help vulnerable young people achieve their potential. These youngsters were homeless and aged between 16 and 25. They had various needs, including addiction, poor mental health and special educational needs. Residents had a mixture of life experiences due to major obstacles in their lives. Most of the young people lacked the self-esteem and confidence to progress in life.  My role was to provide positive learning experiences that build self-esteem and self worth. I taught Art and Design and we worked towards achieving a Level 1 and 2 AQA. In addition to the education, each young person was help into independent living and possible entries into employment. At times they did not realise they were being taught skill because the experience was so enjoyable.


September 2006 – August 2009.  District Art Teacher and Youth Worker: Kidderminster, Stourport and Bewdley

The aim was to teach and deliver a broad spectrum of art, design and craft based projects to the youths of the district.  The young people varied in their abilities, which included physically disabled, gifted and talented to special educational needs.  The objective was to develop their awareness, interaction and interpersonal skills. Including: social skills, bullying, personal rights, to develop positive mental health, understand safe sexual health, personal safety, and the safety of others. This was accomplished by using various activities in design, art and craft. All young people were monitored and any issues were highlighted to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMS), in order to safeguard their well being. Promoting young people and raising their profile in the community was essential. An example of this was, creating artwork for exhibitions in local galleries and libraries. These allowed adults to become aware of the positive contribution young people have in our society.


January 2004 – August 2009.  Teacher Arts and Crafts; Information Advise Guidance (IAG) practitioner; Coordinator in Mental Health, Employment, Voluntary and Work Experience. For the National Health Service (NHS) Mental Health Trust.

For the first year of employment I worked as a teacher. After this time, my role increased to an IAG advisor. The role included, supporting, teaching and mentoring individuals enduring and recovering from mental ill-health. In addition, I was responsible for providing advice and support to individuals of all ages in both one to one and group settings. The core services we offered were: IAG, employment retention and education, personal development and life skills, life coaching, alternative and goal-orientated therapies, and social and support groups. I supported the service manager in the running of the department, as well as, assisting with funding applications in order to run the services. Other roles included, development of the service, publicity and outreach, fundraising, advertising, facilitating advice activities and workshops, recording and collecting relevant information; and other duties.




September 2003 – January 2004:  Overseas Art and Design teacher.

Jan 2001 –Sept 2003: Assistant Product Development Manager: ColArt, Kidderminster 

January 2000 - January 2001.  Overseas Art and design teacher.

February 1999 – Jan 2000: Wholesaler/Export Assistant Manager: FCUK and Nicole Farhi, London.

Dec 1996 – February 1999: Wholesale and Export Manager, Low Profile Merchants, London.

March 1995 – December 1996: Wholesale and Export Merchant: Hexagon Network Merchants, London.

September 1994 – March 1995: Production Assistant: Butterfly Blouses Merchants, Hackney, London. 

September 1993 – September 1994: Working verseas as an Art and English teacher in India

September 1991 - 1993: Bournemouth University

November 1990 – September 1991: Working overseas as an Art and English teacher in Europe.

September 1986 – 1990: In further education

July 1986 – September 1986: Overseas Art and Design Teacher. 

July 1986 – September 1975: In childhood education



Cambridge ESOL Level 5: Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adult (CELTA) Cambridge 2019. 

Autism Training: Integrated Services Specialist Support (ISSS): 2013 & 2014

Autism and Team Teach: Birmingham City Educational Department: 2013.

Bid Writing and Report Writing: Birmingham University, 2013-2014

PGCE MA: Master Level, Design and Technology, Stafford University: 2012 - 2013

MA: Merit, Fine and Applied Art, Scholarship from University of Wolverhampton: 2009 - 2012

BA: Art and Design, University of Worcester: 2006-2008

Leadership and Management; Negotiation Skills; Conflict Strategies: Birmingham University, 2005-2006

Mental Health Training: NHS National Health Service: 2004 - 2009

NVQ3: Information Advice and Guidance Practitioner (IAG), Birmingham University: 2005-2006

Chartered Institute of Marketing: Worcester University: 2004-2005

BA: Design and Marketing, Bournemouth University of Art and Crafts: 1991-1993, 2008

HND: Textiles and Surface Pattern, Stourbridge College of Arts and Crafts: 1990-1991

B-Tec: Three Dimensional Designs, Stourbridge College of Arts and Crafts: 1988-1990



  • I volunteered with many ethical minded organisation.

  • I am an international artist. I painted my first mural aged three and had my first potter’s wheel aged four. Since this time, I have constantly studied art and design.  I have my own studio and I work as an artist in resident and my work is frequently shown in exhibitions.

  • Other activities include: travel, walking, cycling, swimming, nutrition, cooking and gardening.