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I have spent my whole life doing everything I want to do when I want to do it!
Growing up, I was luck to have very liberal parent. As a family we always travelled together. But, my first independent travel experience was with a friend at nine years old! But, it was a different world back then because it was just after the 1960's and it was safe. The 1970's was also a beautiful time to be alive and this was over thirty severn years ago! 
We said good bye to our parents and travelled by coach from England into Paris to stay with a French family. It was the single most amazing experience of my life for many reasons. Since this time I have religiously roamed and travelled across the planet. Either backpacking or working overseas. I have some advice for those of females who want to successfully travel around the planet either by yourself or with another person.
Depending on where you are going you might need to fully prepare. I find cold weather is more demanding in pre-training, equipment and experience than hotter climates. Having said that deserts are a nightmare and deep tropical rain forests are dangerous.
Some general equipment you might need the following: 
  • Moon Cup.
  • Small first aid kit that includes clean needles, hypodermic needles, sewing kit with clear filament thread (to sew yourself up), Gaffer tape (holds together ripped skin), anti histamine, Epi pen, liquid new skin, athlete foot ointment and rehydration sachets. 
  • Life Saver water bottle. Its expensive,but vital for any trip. This will clean any type of water of sediment, parasites, viruses and bacteria. But, it will not clean out the heavy metals if you visit a place like China or India. Sodium Bentonite Clay will remove heavy metals. 
  • Zapper unit. This is an expensive product. However, It will kill help to kill all parasites, viruses and bacteria in your body. www.bestzapper.comm
  • Grounding bag with a main socket and grounding rod. Again, its expensive, but worthwhile.
  • Supplements: Potassium Iodine, Magnesium Oil, Sodium Bentonite Clay. 
  • Bring your own cutlery and cup. Do not use plastic. 
  • Ionic Dr Tong toothbrush and a spare head (no toothpaste is needed).  
  • Dr Tong floss. 
  • Depending on where you are travelling 100% UV sunglasses.
  • A big hat to cover your face from burning. 
  • Small light weight travel tent. They are expensive, but, it will be a temporary home.
  • Extreme cold weather thermals. Again, they are expensive, but if your in -40 you need them. I find scuba diving dry suit thermal to the best.
  • A good jacket can withstand -40, but, can be packed away. Expensive, but a life saver.
It has not always been easy going! In 2011, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lymes disease, a heart infection and secondary organ failure! One year after returning from a fourteen month trip walking the Himalayan mountain range. I was fit and healthy and in a short time became bed ridden. It took me five years of hard work to cure myself. In short, I was infested in parasites in my body, head and bones. They caused destruction of cartilage, inflammatory issues, leaking gut, major and secondary organ failure issues. 
  • Africa is a huge issue. It has its own strains of parasites the west has no way of coping with. Insects and small creatures bite and leave some kind of venom, poison or parasite or virus/bacteria from a parasite. If you have any health issues, do not visit these countries.
  • India: a very dirty country poor hygiene is the main issue, including level of infectious diseases, parasites, bacteria and viruses.
  • Nepal, Sikkim, Assam and Tibet: have similar issues as India, Hepatitis A is the biggest issue due to a lack of water and poor hygiene. However, High mountains ranges that have fresh water are better, but a lack of clean water or water is the main issue.
  • China: Hepatitis A is the biggest issue in China, due to infections being passed on via chop sticks. The country is the primary polluter in the world. All water, air and food has chemical waste, heavy metals and poisons. You need all the equipment to clean what you drink, eat and wash. 
  • Europe, USA and Canada: parasites are rampant in people, animals and the food. Water is generally contaminated with fluoride and chlorine etc. Be aware of bottled water because the plastic leaches out into the water. If you can find local clean water; great. Otherwise buy an AquaGear product that totally cleans your water of soft and hard material. 
  • Nordic lands: probably the most clean and beautiful environments in the world.
  • Greenland: the cleanest and most beautiful environment in the world. 
  • Asia: Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Burma etc. Parasites are rampant. Most Water has contamination from China.
  • Australia: Insects and small creatures bite and leave some kind of venom, poison or parasite or virus/bacteria from a parasite. If you have any health issues, do not visit these countries.
  • New Zealand: 
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