I come from a family of artists and artisans. My mother was a carpet designer and my father an engineer. My great grandparents were Royal Academy of Arts Academia’s and filigree workers for the Royal Family. 

I had my first potter’s wheel aged four and painted my first wall mural - with my mother help - aged three. This artistic practice has been consistant during the years. I have continued to developed a diverse and interesting portfolio, some of which can be seen within this website. The output of my work includes, group creative projects within and for the community, public and private commission.


In 1987, I trained in 3-Dimensional Design and Surface Pattern at Stoubridge School of Art and Design. After which, I moved to Bournemouth University of Art and Design to study Design and Marketing. I worked in London in various roles within the fashion industry.


From 2000, I worked in marketing and for the NHS Mental Health Service.


I started teaching Special Educational Needs in 1992 at Lea Castle and Alexandra Patterson School. Although I taught for many teams overseas it was not until I left industry that I started to teach full time. In 2004, I completed a second degree; A Masters in Fine Art at Wolverhampton University and a Masters Level Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). Since this time, I have continued to work as a teacher and Artist in Resident in various Schools, Colleges and Universities. 

For over 30 years I has taught various skills to a wide range of ages and individuals, including: Art history, Fine art, craft, design and technology. My specialty are art history, fine art, applied art, design, innovation, creativity and expression. 

Since 2016, I have been lucky enough to be asked to work with Jilin University of Art and Design, Northern China, including various other universities in the Far East to teach Art History, Design, Innovation and Creativity. 


I am currently researching for a PHD and fellowship. 


Any queries and questions please do not hesitate to ask in the contacts page.